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WWE Battleground 2016 Results

WWE Battleground 2016 Results 

WWE Battleground 2016 Results

Breezango def. The Usos :

Breezango overcame Jimmy & Jey Uso’s furious offense to score a victory on the WWE Battleground Kickoff.It was The Usos, however, who pushed the action at the outset, connecting with a combination backbreaker/headbutt in the opening minute. Though less experienced as a team compared to their twin opponents, Breezango nonetheless utilized quick tags and showed off impressive teamwork moments later, dropping Jey with a catapult by Breeze into a slingshot elbow drop by Fandango.Fandango sought to slow the pace, wearing down Jey with a rear chinlock, but the high-flying Uso turned the momentum with a pair of enzuigiris to both members of Breezango. Once Jimmy tagged in, he continued the onslaught, clotheslining Fandango twice before landing a huge Samoan drop.Jimmy Uso shook off Fandango and dove off the top rope, but by then Breeze regained his composure. As the Samoan Superstar descended from high above, Breeze put up his knees, resulting in a painful landing for Uso. The self-proclaimed gorgeous Superstar then snared Uso in an inside cradle for the pin.

Sasha Banks & Bayley def. Charlotte & Dana Brooke

 Sasha Banks joined forces with former rival and NXT Superstar Bayley to thwart the nefarious WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte and her protégé, Dana Brooke.Having made the WWE Women’s Champion tap out, Sasha Banks can surely make a case that she’s next in line to challenge Charlotte for the title. That fact wasn’t lost on Bayley, who celebrated the win with Banks the best way she knows how – with a big hug!

The Wyatt Family def. The New Day

The shadow of fear trumped positivity when The Wyatt Family eclipsed The New Day in their Six-Man Tag Team Match at WWE Battleground.The New Day will retain their championships after the non-title match, the defeat at the hands of The Wyatts may have caused a crack in their veneer of positivity. Will Big E, Kofi and Xavier be able to recover and defend their titles on Raw? Or will an emerging torment consume – and ultimately destroy – the longest-reigning WWE Tag Team Champions in history?

U.S. Champion Rusev def. Zack Ryder

U.S. Champion Rusev retained the star-spangled title against Zack Ryder at WWE Battleground, but was thwarted in his post-match attempt to humiliate his challenger by SmackDown Live’s Mojo Rawley.What followed likely came as a surprise to Ryder, but not because of what the fiancé of Lana did next. Rusev decided to make an example to all aspiring U.S. Title contenders by further battering Ryder, resulting in the now-defeated Long Island Iced-Z lying in position for another round of The Accolade.
Before The Bulgarian Brute could apply his signature submission hold, however , Mojo Rawley, Ryder’s Hype Bros.’ tag team partner from NXT , rushed down the aisle to repel Rusev from ringside.

Sami Zayn def. Kevin Owens

Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens battled in what was dubbed their final showdown as The Underdog from the Underground walked out victorious at WWE Battleground.Sami Zayn toppled Kevin Owens at WWE Battleground as the former best friends turned bitter enemies closed the book on their longstanding conflict once and for all. The Underdog from the Underground and KO settled their storied rivalry in a fiery final showdown in what may go down as their greatest face-off ever.Zayn’s electric offensive attack soon began to get the best of Owens as the crowd in Washington, D.C., was brought to their feet with every near fall. Emotions began to boil over as Zayn got his foot up on the rope just in time to avoid a pinfall after suffering a Pop-up Powerbomb from Owens.

Natalya def. Becky Lynch

One month after being betrayed by Natalya, Becky Lynch was defeated by The Queen of Harts after losing their bout at WWE Battleground.Becky Lynch, the fiery phenom of WWE’s Women’s division, fell short against her rival Natalya at WWE Battleground, leaving The Irish Lass Kicker to suffer her second consecutive pay-per-view punishment at the hands of the former Divas Champion after Natalya’s betrayal at WWE Money in the Bank kick-started their rivalry last month.Again, Becky’s aggression boiled over and her awareness went quickly with it: While the referee attempted to act as a human barrier between the overaggressive Becky and the cowering Natalya, The Queen of Harts delivered one final kick to her opponent’s leg and locked in another Sharpshooter to finally force Becky to submit. If there’s one thing to be taken away here, it’s that Becky Lynch’s resolve and heart cannot be denied. However, in Washington D.C., heart didn’t have the final word.

Intercontinental Champion The Miz vs. Darren Young ended in a Double Disqualification

The Miz put his hands on WWE Hall of Famer Bob Backlund and Darren Young refused to release a submission hold  on the A-Lister outside the ring, the referee was forced to disqualify both competitors.The sheer will of Young was not to be denied and the fierce competitor soon regained control.  However, when Miz grew distracted by Backlund, Maryse opted to slap the WWE Hall of Famer, before to making it look like Backlund had knocked her to the floor. The A-Lister responded to this “appearance” of malice by pushing Backlund to the ground, inciting Young to lose control and lock his opponent into a submission hold  outside the ring. When he refused to release it, the referee was forced to bring the match to a close.

John Cena, Enzo Amore & Big Cass def. The Club

In a hard-fought Six-Man Tag Team Match at WWE Battleground, the Cenation leader and “The Realest Guys in the Room” bested The Club – AJ Styles, Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows – in the nation’s capital.

Randy Orton RKOs Chris Jericho on “The Highlight Reel”

After being sidelined for nine months, Randy Orton levels Chris Jericho with an RKO and sends a message to his SummerSlam opponent, Brock Lesnar.WWE’s first Undisputed Champion reveled in antagonizing his guest, even having the audacity to offer Orton “the Gift of Jericho.” He then called The Viper’s judgment into question after unspooling a montage of Lesnar’s most brutal suplexes. For his part, Orton dismissed the criticism, saying that although it may take 20 suplexes to go to Lesnar’s infamous “Suplex City,” it only takes one RKO to go to “Viper-ville.”

WWE Champion Dean Ambrose def. Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins (Triple Threat Match)

The Shield exploded in a Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship at WWE Battleground. Who walked out with WWE’s top prize: Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns or Seth Rollins?The three former Shield brothers intensely stared each other down as the bell tolled, signaling the start of the bout WWE fans had been dreaming of. Rollins tried to goad Reigns and Ambrose into bumping fists, as they had for years after they arrived in WWE. Instead, The Big Dog tackled Rollins to the canvas, forcing The Architect to retreat to the arena floor. With Rollins incapacitated on the floor, Reigns and The Lunatic Fringe began trading blows, neither man able to gain the upper hand until Ambrose left his feet to try and take Reigns down. Instead, the WWE Champion bounced off his powerful friend’s chest.

Despite the pestering of Rollins, the persistent Ambrose continued the attack on Reigns until The Architect succeededin neutralizing The Big Dog. With Ambrose weakened from his exchange with the hard-hitting Reigns, Rollins had the perfect opportunity to inflict more damage on Ambrose, and embarrass him with a few slaps to the face. Though the WWE Champion dove onto his former brothers at ringside, an emboldened Rollins soon grabbed him and recklessly hurled Ambrose into the unforgiving steel steps.

The action was fast and furious as they battled around ringside and back into the ring. Ambrose dashed across two commentary tables to launch himself at his challengers, then clobbered Reigns with a diving elbow, only for Rollins to fly back into the ring, crashing into Ambrose with a splash off the ropes.